Victoria's Secret is THE destination for chic women's clothing and accessories. 

How does the Generator work and why would somebody give it away for free?

The Hacker Group EsXcrew cracked the algorithm used by Victoria´s Secret to create their Gift Cards / Secret Rewards and leaked it to the internet in form of a generator. The EsXcrew is known for cracking Websites for fun, just to show that even the biggest Companies got serious security flaws in their Systems. The EsXcrew is best known for breaking Amazon in 2008 and causing damages of over 2 million dollars.

Where can I download the Victoria´s Secret Gift Card Generator and how to use it correctly?

1.) Download the Generator from MEGA (Link at the bottom of this page)

2.) Extract the file with Winrar or any other program

3.) Run the Generator and hit the "generate" button

4.) Wait until the Generator found a valid code for you

5.) Paste the generated code and the 4 digit Pin at the "Checkout" section of Victoria´s Secret

6.) Enjoy your free products

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